Love Machine Retreat COVID-19 safety protocols:

With safety being our primary concern for all of our guests, to enter the retreat we will require.

  1. Valid 21+ ID
  2. Our covid checkin procedure requires one of the following options:
    • Option 1: A negative from a covid test administered within 72 hours of arriving to the event.
    • Option 2: Proof of a competed vaccination card.
    • Option 3: If a guest does not have a negative test result or vaccine, we have a written health survey to determine any symptomatic concerns and optionally we strongly recommended a COVID-19 rapid test which we’ll have on-site.

We also want to make sure you are aware that we are putting  health and safety protocols first, to ensure the retreat is safe and comfortable for everyone to attend. The following are our additional protocols: 

  • Reduced number of retreat attendees
  • Possible delayed entrance time to allow for sufficient safety screening.
  • Sanitization stations throughout the venue
  • A mask is required to be worn prior to arriving at the gate and throughout the entire check-in process.