About – Love Machine


What started as a converted School Bus with the occasional renegade party has now grown into something much bigger…The Love Machine.

We are a collective of hard working and ambitious creators who have come together to develop a health conscious event during a time when we need it most. So many of us in the event space have struggled this past year. It’s our goal  to assist our friends and provide them with a creative outlet to practice their craft as well as a means to support themselves financially.

As we all know from surviving 2020, our health transcends our physical body’s. Apart from entertainment, we will be curating a separate interactive stage with yoga, workshops, breath work & sound bath ceremonies, dance performances, meditation, speakers, and more. It’s our intention to give patrons a unique experience that brings awareness to our mental & emotional health and something we’ve been starved of lately: Human Connection.

We invite you to join us in this celebration of life, become part of the machine, and help spread the LOVE!


Recap from our first Ritual: