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Entrance Gate / Box Office Hours

All after hour arrivals —

must be coordinated in advance.

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Saturday 10/7 from 12PM – 10PM

Sunday 10/8 from 12PM – 10PM︎︎︎

Is there any way to cancel my order
or get a refund?
There are no refunds. We suggest selling to a friend or using a platform that works with sellers and buyers to ensure purchased tickets are valid.

Do you offer any volunteer or work options?
Please email us for more information about our volunteer programs at
Is there an option to exit and re-enter the retreat?
There will be no in and out privileges. If you leave you will not be able to re-enter without purchasing another ticket.

Do I need to bring an ID to enter the gate?
YES. Everyone must provide documentation that you are 21.

I lost my ID — What other forms of
identification are accepted?
Any form of valid government issued photo ID will be fine. Passport OR government issued temporary ID — paired with a secondary form of identification card that has your name, photo, and date of birth i.e expired ID / drivers license.

Am I allowed to bring a pet to the event?
Service Animals ONLY — with proper paperwork and vests. Please note — service animals may NOT be left unattended at any time. If they are found — proper steps will be taken with local authorities.

Will we be getting wristbands once we get to the campgrounds?
Once you pass through entrance procedures, you will be given your wristband for the retreat.

Will you have Vegan/Vegetarian options?
As this is a health and wellness event, all of our food options will be plant based and vegan. If you have any specific dietary restrictions, we suggest you plan accordingly.
Are there restrictions on outside food / drinks? — Can we have fires or grills at our campsites?
No restrictions on what food or drinks you can bring in, just NO glass. Glass containers will be confiscated upon entry. The site area has a strict no fire mandate in place, so no campfires or propane grills.

When do we have to leave the retreat grounds to head home?
All patrons need to be off-site by 2PM Monday 04/28/2023 at the latest.


Do we need to buy a retreat pass in addition to a parking pass or car camping pass?
Every vehicle will need either a car camping pass, GA parking pass or RV pass and every person in the vehicle must have a retreat pass.
What is the difference between GA Parking and Car Camping?
GA Parking lot is offsite from where the camping grounds are. You will not be able to have your car by your camping space at any time and will have to walk your gear to site. Car Camping allows you to pull your vehicle to be parked adjacent to your campsite during the event.
Are there showers and bathrooms on-site?
Yes, there will be bathrooms and showers. We suggest that each person bring toiletries and extra toilet paper.
What are the rules for how much alcohol we can bring, if any?
Alcohol is permitted, as the event is BYOB. Additionally, De Anza Springs Resort operates a full bar if you’re looking for draft beer and cocktails, or for when you run out.

Are we able to save camping spots if we arrive before our friends?
There is a very limited amount of car camping. All camping is first come, first serve. If you are a part of an official camp and would like to arrange a dedicated space, please reach out to us at

Will there be any electricity or hookups for camping or RV’s?
There are no plugins or hook ups. This is an off-grid camping retreat — please practice radical self reliance.


No Box Trucks or Trailers

No Firestarters

No Glass

No Weapons

No Illegal Substances

No Firearms or Pocket Knives

No Bonfires or Fire Pits

No Fireworks

No Compressed Air Tanks

No Professional Cameras

No Animals of any kind. Service animals with proper paperwork and vests are allowed. Please note that service animals may NOT be left unattended at any time.

No Drugs or Drug Paraphernalia — Prescription medicine is allowed ONLY in proper prescription bottle with correct labeling for the person possessing it.

No Fire Spinning / POI — Please contact us if you’re interested in scheduling a performance.

No Large Audio Equipment. Battery powered bluetooth speakers that can be held in one hand are ok. Anything larger please request permission.

No Charcoal or Wood Fired Grills — Propane grills & camping stoves are permitted.

No Vending without a vendor permit — Please inquire for more details if interested in vending.

Each guest, their belongings and their vehicles are subject to search upon entry.
Please refer to the lists above to see what you can and cannot bring in.

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