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What Started as a Purple School Bus—

has now grown into something much bigger...

Once was a group of friends from San Diego that had a shared passion for house and techno music. They loved attending festivals and events that featured their favorite DJs and producers but felt that there was something missing from the typical festival experience.

They longed for a more intimate setting where they could connect with fellow music lovers.

While exploring the desert town of Jacumba, CA, they stumbled upon a plot of land, nestled between two hills and had a natural amphitheater shape that would be perfect for a small festival. They immediately knew that they had found the perfect location to create their dream event.
They named their creation Love Machine, inspired by the way that the music brought people together and created a sense of unity and love.The first Love Machine festival took place on a dry summer night, and it was a huge success.

The crowd was small but enthusiastic. They had secured some of the best local DJs and producers and even managed to book a few up-and-coming artists from out of town.

Word quickly spread about the magical experience that was Love Machine, and each year the festival grew in size and popularity. People came from all over to dance and connect with others who shared their love of house and techno music.
Over the years, Love Machine became more than just a festival; it was a community.

The organizers and attendees formed lasting friendships, and many people returned year after year to reconnect with the people and the music that they loved. Today, Love Machine is still going strong, and it remains a small, intimate festival that celebrates the power of music and community.

It may not be as well-known as some of the larger festivals, but to those who have experienced it, it holds a special place in their hearts.

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